I’m thankful for the crash

19278_1314933522937_2063633_n Alot of people dont really know what went down the night I crashed my whip into another car. Yes I had a few drinks but I wasnt drunk. ( Everyone says that right?) Well this was the honest truth. From what I remember cause I really cant remember anything before the impact, we were celebrating my twin and I’s 23rd birthday and we end the night at Hooters in Stafford(Home Base). Then we said our byes and see you laters and we hit the road. Ok I know it wasnt the brightest idea I had to drive after drinking i admit that but i was good as usual.

We hit Hwy 90 and we in route to the crib and then as I look to my right for a brief second… WHAM!!! Outta nowhere we smash into the back of a vehicle in the road with no lights on indicating if it was moving parked or being worked on. Luckily there were no individuals in the car so no one really got hurt but me and her. Might chest was in pain and my girl gotta a pretty bad scar from the impact of the air bag and some chest pains as well. So I try to open the door to make sure I could me some limbs and I look down at my legs and the steering wheel was so far in I’m suprised to this day that my legs are still intact and there was no damage.

So then cops were on the scene and Im panicing because I have no idea what to do next. My girl face is burning she hurt, Im hurt and trying to figure out what had happened trying to sober up, but that wasn’t working. So while they (Cops) are checking on her Im trying to get to her and make sure she is ok. Me being the aggressive natured person I am Im trying to talk to the officer and let him know let me make sure she is fine. If I would have just let the officer do his thing and I calmed down a bit they would have not known I was intoxicated. Since then I’ve come to terms with thefact that I cant do the same thing I use to do when I was a young pup. I mean all this cost me a good job, lots of money and lots of my free time taken away by my actions. I felt hurt and distraught for a while and till this day i tend to think what if? What if I didnt make it through this? How would things be if it never happened? How much better off I’d be? But i guess those are questions for another life huh?

Im learning to never give up on yourself despite all the negative things that happen to you. Everything is a learning experience and this is one of those I wouldn’t wish on my own worst enemy. Shits expensive! LOL Peace and blessing my people learn from the actions and mistakes of others just like me dont risk your life. In a sense YOLO folks!

The greatest people are failures as well so don’t trip!

– Corey


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Regular laid back dude just releasing thoughts out to the world! Enjoy
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