This beef is retared!

This beef is retared!

Ok folks so here it is… K. Michelle and Rasheeda have to be the second set of dummies on this show. (1st being Joseline and Mimi of course) But anyway these 2 are fighting because K. Michelle claims that a person in the industry (no names being mentioned) beat on her and that person was one of Rasheeda’s close friends. So after things were said all hell broke loose. Shaking tables and candle tossing ensued. Now that things are out in the open about this situation I really think these hoes are dumbs for fighting each other over something that a crazy chick that cant move on. Rasheeda put herself in this situation by getting involved in something she shouldn’t have been getting into in the first place. Now on this season I can see more brawls and ratchetness happening… Any comments on this beef thats going on go ahead and comment.


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One Response to This beef is retared!

  1. KWats says:

    I feel like the K. Michelle & Rasheeda beef is solely Rasheeda’s fault. Had she never opened her mouth adding her 2 cents that she could of kept in her pocket K. Michelle wouldn’t be acting this way. As her “friend” what I thought she was suppose to be, she should of stayed in the happy medium because she wasn’t there to vouch for if she got her ass beat or not. I will say that K. Michelle is very entertaining when she gets to snapping on folks. lol

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